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Nicki Minaj steps with massive boobs corset dress

I really think we should dig deep and send Nicki Minaj a proper corset! When celebrities step onto the red carpet, it's easy to envy their couture. Think: exposed lace bras, slip dresses and, yes, even nipple pasties. It is a better dress on her, but more color (& lipstick) would have been nicer. What did this year's Grammy gowns have in common? I don't have a very big capacity for language and words. Minaj tells MTV News she wanted to 'play dress-up' in latest video. You can tell, compared to Nicki Minaj, how tall all of those models are. I also think that the dress is cut and corseted to give her more volume up top.

Mar 27th, 2016   1 Comment   Rating: 5 (1 rating)

1 You have a big ass girl (December 9th)

You have a big ass girl

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