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Since 2009, there have been rumors that there is a sex scene video of lil Wayne and Nicki Minaj. Some have even gone as far as saying that the two hip hop stars lacked the material to write and so decided to shoot a sex scene to still capture the attention of their audience the same way music would have. Sick isn’t it?

Nikki minaj is the hip hop princess with a dashing figure that every woman would love to have. She is also very blessed to be among the riches most influential women today. Her anaconda video was a hit especially because it showed her shaking her booty to the camera. Booty today is a hit, it is something many men love. She therefore attracts the attention of both men and women alike.

Lil Wayne can be said to be a great rapper with amazing lyrics. Although he mostly does contemporary rap and hip hop, unlike most contemporary artists today, his music has substance. His lyrics are informative and fun. He does not just rap to get money, he raps to educate. This makes him an icon to many wannabe artist in the music industry. He has become a role model to both men and women.

A collabo between this duo becomes a hit in very few days. They have a long list of funs who do not want to miss any of their song they release. Any song with the duo is loved and listened to by very many people world- wide. Their mix of talent and Nicki minaj's beautifully seductive body, takes them the distance in capturing and sustaining an audience.

A sex video from this duo will only serve to do one thing and that is to break the internet. It would literary be everywhere on all social medias and most internet sites. It would probably be on the top five most downloaded and watched video of the year for like three consecutive years. The fact that we have not witnessed any of this since 2009 when the rumors began only means one thing, there is no video between the two.

As much as a sex scene between the two would be great it is with joyful hearts that we announce there is no sex scene between the two. So that means that they were not trying to get you to download a video of them instead for the music. The only thing that has circulated are two photos hoped pictures of lil Wayne and Nicki where they look like they are engaging the doggy sex style. No video so far means the fan have to keep waiting and maybe one time there will actually be a video of nude Nicki with some guy. That time hasn’t come yet and it is time that we buried the rumor.

In fact, there is not leaked sex scene of Nicki with anyone up to date so every other “leaked video” alert is just a rumor from people who want to increase the traffic in their websites.

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