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the nicki minaj tape is on the internet

Have you heard about the alleged
Nicki Minaj Sex Tape?

It's true...we have seen it, and we can tell you that it's as good as you've heard.  Nicki Minaj hasn't admitted that it's her in the tape, but we've seen it and there's no denying it.  The girl is this video is either Nicki Minaj herself, or her doppelganger!  

Have you been searching for it, getting frustrated?  Clicking around in circles, trying to avoid viruses, and trying to find the full video?  Stop can get the full video from the original source here.  

Check out some caps:

Video Highlights:
  • Over 21 minutes of Point-of-View style shooting of this hardcore sex session
  • Video starts with some sexy talking before getting down and dirty
  • Nicki starts off by showing how well she can suck a dick (GOOD+++)
  • Many sex positions including missionary , with legs up, doggy style, and cowgirl

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